Our Service

Our “Customer First” attitude ensures that we are focused on doing what’s best for our customers and their business.

The Financial Services team strongly believes in right-sizing every deal, which means our customers get the right amount of finance, at the right rates, in the right manner and at the right time, so they can achieve their goals as per their road-map.

We offer the following Financial Services:

Corporate Advisory Services

Every business needs financial resources to fuel its start, its ongoing operations and growth. However, every business and business-owner also has specific needs, which depend on a variety of factors, which ultimately affect the cash flow.

The team does a deep-dive on our customer requirements and designs specific plans for each business, after looking at it in totality.

Our customers benefit from our collective wealth of knowledge and experience. We provide all kinds of financial assistance in Debt Fund Raising including Working Capital, Project Finance, Term Loans, External Commercial Borrowings (ECB), Leasing, Factoring, Real Estate Structured Loans, etc.

For specific customers we also offer complete services related to Debt restructuring, NPA Advisory, Equity placements and Mergers & Acquisitions.

Individual / Retail Services

We understand that MSME business owners may have ventures that do not always meet the stringent requirement for formal Corporate funding.

For such customers, we make sure that they get finance via other avenues like Loan Against Property (LAP), Home Loans, Unsecured Business Loans and Government-sponsored MUDRA loans.

Business Auxiliary Services

In addition to financial planning, every business needs to make sure they are complying with statutory requirements and also taking advantage of the necessary Government-sponsored schemes that are applicable to them.

We also provide customers with services that are related to their businesses and which would affect the functioning and growth of their ventures, e.g. GST, Real Estate Asset management & Taxation advisories especially for NRIs, Services for Export-oriented undertakings, including the benefits that can be availed by EOUs under the Service Exports from India Scheme (SEIS) & Merchandise Exports from India Scheme (MEIS) schemes of the Government of India.